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Residential Lawn Care Service Tips

Every residential lawn care service will tell you, that a commonly used watering regimen for a new lawn is to give it water 6 different times a day. Because earlier times are much better, starting before sunrise and watering every 2 hours will result in a healthy lawn. The most critical time for new grass is within the first 3 weeks, and it is critical to keep all foot traffic off during this time. The new grass is remarkably sensitive to pressure and can die quickly when people walk on it during this probationary period.

With regard to mowing the grass, the best time for its first cut is when it reaches approximately 7.62-10.16 cm in height. It is good practice to mow every 10 days during a new lawn’s first year, regular mowing does promote maturity and give a lawn a full and lush appearance. The final cut of the year should leave your new lawn around 1 – 2 inches in height; this enables the lawn to faster progress during the next spring.

Weeds will always be a possibility when dealing with any kind of grass, and it is no different with a new lawn. Unbelievably, new lawns can often spout weeds before the actual grass start to grow. However, it is never advisable to use any kind of weed killer until a lawn has been mowed at least 3 or more times. Spraying weed killer on an immature lawn will kill the weeds and the lawn with it. If it is necessary to use any kind of weed killer only chemicals that have been approved for that kind of weed should be used.

A new lawn must be fertilized during its first year too. One method is to fertilize on every big national holiday, and when a new lawn needs seeding, it can be done to the end of the summer months.

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