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Lawn Service at Its Finest

There are plenty of people who think that lawn mowing is adequate in the care of their garden, but they have discounted the fact that cutting off the yellowing turf is only a temporary solution to your garden’s woes. This is why smart homeowners in the neighborhood of have asked A Smilen Landscaping LLC to intervene. With our care, numerous gardens have come to reach its full potential. This may sound too good to be true, but it can also happen to you. To understand how this can be, then you should carefully read what we say.


Lawn Service – In our fifteen years of experience as a lawn care provider, we have come to understand that landscaping will only last if the garden soil is completely healthy. There is only one way to guarantee that this happens. That is by conducting a soil test. Doing this would help us identify what nutrients and minerals are lacking in your soil. Thus, we would be able to address the issue correctly.


Why not do what most gardeners do, which is to engage in aimless fertilization of the garden? We are not your typical landscaping company in Hollywood, FL. We would never do this because we know that doing such thing will cause more harm than good. One such bad effect of indiscriminate fertilization is the change of your soil’s pH level. This will have a big impact on the plants in your garden as most plants cannot stand acidic soil. Another negative impact of doing this is the contamination of the underground water supply.


Landscaping Service – Once we have guaranteed that your garden soil is in perfect health, we can proceed with the task of installing a landscape. We would always consider your lifestyle and the color scheme of your exterior walls when working with this task. You may want to have a cottage garden, but you have an existing exterior paint that is characterized by symmetry. Then we would definitely create a landscape that is reminiscent of a cottage garden.


You can always turn to A Smilen Landscaping LLC for your landscaping needs. We have done this for so many households in Hollywood, FL for more than a decade. Why not try it for yourself? Call us now at (954) 638-5797 to set an appointment!


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