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Can a Landscape Installation Solve Poor Garden Maintenance Problems?


If you wake up to see a poorly maintained lawn and garden through your bedroom window every morning, then it’s probably high time to take some action. Landscape installation is a service which is not only designed for homeowners who need to build their garden from scratch but also for those who have neglected their yard for a couple of years and need a serious makeover.


Here’s a short list of a few of the things which a qualified and experienced landscaper can do for you and our property:

  • Lawn mowing and maintenance, including mulching and aerating.

  • Installation of stone and gravel ornaments to outline a garden section.

  • Planting of flowers, trees, and shrubs from seeds and bulbs. Application of mulch for their protection with the help of specialty gardening tools.

  • Removal of dead or overgrown shrubs and trees.

  • Trimming overgrown bushes and edging around flower beds.

  • Designing pathways.

  • Adding artistic ornaments to your yard design, like deco mini fountains, for instance.

  • Soil replacement and plant fertilizing.

  • Spraying herbicides and insecticides whenever necessary.

  • Watering and weeding of the crops which you have already planted.


Of course, these are just a few of the main duties of a landscape installation specialist. Those contractors are trained and licensed to perform minor as well as heavy-duty tasks both manually or with the help of specialty tools and machinery. It’s extremely important to find a professional who is much more than a gardening contractor and to keep him because a good garden maintenance crew is really hard to find these days.


Those of you, located in Hollywood, FL, are lucky to have a landscape installation professional right next door. Call A Smilen Landscaping LLC at (954) 638-5797 and we will tell you how our team can help you get your personalized garden of Eden. We are passionate about all our projects, so we’re looking forward to re-designing your poorly maintained yard.



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